Where are you located?
Is there a nature trail close to your facility?
Are you open to the public?
I am staying at one of the rental properties and my rental company told me that I have free access to the gym, is that correct?
Is there an airstrip behind the building?
Is there a locker room and showers in your facility?
Do you provide towels?
Do you have a sauna?


Does your facility have outdoor tennis courts? Are there clay courts?
I know you have daily tennis clinics. Can I just show up?
What is the clinic structure like?
Can I sign up online?
My plans changed and I won’t be able to make it to the clinic or a lesson. Should I call?
Is there a dress code to the play on your tennis courts? Shoes?
Do you provide towels?
My family will be playing tennis, but I will not. Is there a place I can wait and watch them?
Is there a ball machine I can use?
We are on vacation and would like to play tennis, but we forgot to bring our tennis racquets with us. Do you have any demos that we can borrow?
Can we use any of your equipment like ball pickup tubes or basket balls?
I am a tennis pro. Can I come teach lessons at your facility to my clients?


Do you offer group fitness classes or personal training sessions?
What kind of equipment do you have?
Is there an age restriction to use the gym?
Does the gym get busy during certain hours?
Are there specific rules for clothing and music?


How many indoor pickleball courts do you have?
How many outdoor pickleball courts do you have?
Do you have paddles and balls available?
Do you offer lessons?
Can I just show up at a certain time to play with other people?
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